Strength, Speed, Agility Program​​​

Coach Ali Andrzejewski 

SSA Training is conducted by Coach Ali Andrzejewski.
Coac​h Ali is a former US National team player who has trained with some of the best strength coaches in the world at the Olympic Training Center, US National team training center and throughout her college and professional career. 
Coach Ali knows the exercises that are most beneficial for soccer players and teaches those exercises with the same detail given to the pros. 

Speed, Strength, and Agility training is extremely beneficial to every soccer player as soccer is a very physically demanding game. An edge in these areas can really enhance the individual player's game. The main focus of the SSA winter program is to enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury so that players can safely perform at a higher level. 
Monday and Thursday nights , 6:30-7:30pm (times to change during the week of March 9 to Monday 7:30 and Thursday 5:30)

29 Green Meadow Drive, Timonium, MD 21093

Middle School and High School aged athletes, exercises modified for age. Younger athletes welcome if they are willing to work hard! 

This program is "drop-in style." Players are welcome to drop-in any time that is convenient for them. Packaged sessions do not have to be consecutive. 

$20/Drop-In, $70/4 Sessions

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