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Private Training
In private training the player receives the individual attention and personalized instruction that is necessary to focus specifically on what the individual needs to work on. Private training focuses on the building the individual's soccer skills and ability as well as the player's confidence. Player evaluation is available upon request in the first session. Scroll down to sign up! 
  • $65/lesson
  • $300/5-Pack
1 Session
Small Group Training​​
Small group training is a great way to work on individual skills while having enough flexibility with the number of players to also work on the tactical aspects of the game like 1v1 and 2v2 attacking and defending. Understanding how to attack and defend on one's own and also with a teammate is very contributory to a players effectiveness in the game. Scroll down to sign up! 

  • 2 players ($45ea)
  • 3 players ($35ea)
  • 4 players ($30ea)

Save money with a package of 5 lessons! 
2 Players 
2-Player Package
3 Players
3 Player Package
4 Players
4 Player Package
Team Training
1 Hour Session
Team training is a great opportunity for your team to learn new technical and tactical information and drills to take them to the next level. 
We specialize in improving technical skills for all ages and devloping tactical training formatted to fit the age and team level. Common tactical topics include forward movement, midfield movement, defensive positioning, spacing, combination play, group attacking and defending, crossing and finishing, switching the point of attack. 
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$125.00/1 hour session
  • $150.00/1.5 hour session 
  • $175.00/2 hour session
  • $200.00/2.5 hour session
1 Hour Session Package (5)
90 minute Session
90 Min Session Package (5)

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