Welcome to High School Prep!

High School Prep training is designed to technically, tactically, mentally, and physically prepare players for the expectations of preseason and the demands of the high school season. 

We want to see you improve and successful as you move forward and we are excited that you have allowed us the opportunity to work with you! Below, you can download the High School Prep Summer Training Schedule. This schedule provides you with workouts to do at home for players who are unable to attend the drop-in sessions throughout the summer. Please make sure to record your times on anything that is "timed."

The "notes" section is also your opportunity to jot down any thoughts about the workout, difficulty level, amount of time it took you to do, etc. This will help you to record your progress throughout the summer. Make sure that you take the off days totally off and the "Active recovery days" as well. You may have to adjust your schedule according to other summer activities, sports, or drop-in attendance. If you need to do this, then take note of it on your week-to-week calendar schedule. 

A word to the wise... you can expect the first  2 weeks to be tough. Stick it out, get it done and then it will start to get easier. You have to get yourself over the hurdle in the beginning. 

If you have any questions, please email me at any time: [email protected] 

Good luck, 
Coach Ali
HSP Summer Training Schedule