A variety of opportunities...
At Champions Soccer we provide a variety of training opportunities that fit the needs and budget of every player. For more private assistance, you can sign up for a lesson. To train in a group setting, you can sign up for partner or small group training or join one of our off-season training nights. Join us for a summer camp or try out our High School Prep program for more of a challenge! 

In order to be successful on the soccer field, it takes more than just skill development. Players must develop athletically and specifically for the sport of soccer. Players also must be HEALTHY. This is why we have a movement specialist on staff and offer programs in Health and Performance! 

What you can find at Champions Soccer... 
Private Lessons
Partner Lessons
Group Lessons

Team Training
Team Camp (Summer Camp for your team only)
Team Building

Little Kickers Summer Camp (Ages 3 and 4)
Half Day Summer Camp (Ages 5-14)
Full Day Summer Camp (Ages 9-14)

High School Prep Training
High School Prep Camp
High School Prep Workout Guide

Health Assessment and Training
Performance Assessment and Training

Off Season Group Soccer Training
Off Season Fitness Training

Create your own! Is there something that you or your organization is looking for that you do not see listed? We run a variety of specialized programs for local organizations looking for improvement in specific areas. 
We hope to see you soon!